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Kawanee Firestation

Jefferson Parish East Bank Consolidated Fire Department
Construction Projects
Fire Station 17 located at 6616 Kawanee, in the Bissonet subdivision, will be demolished and replaced with a new state of the art fire station. The original station was constructed in 1963 and has passed its life cycle. 

The new station was designed by Digital Engineering & Imaging Inc. The station will be 10,447 sq. ft. All living area will be elevated and is designed to with stand 150 mile an hour sustained winds and will house firemen up to a class 4 hurricane. The generator and electrical system is also elevated, in a flood event, the station will remain operable, the first floor has no sheet rock or any other building material that will be affected by water. The estimated cost is 2.6 million dollars. The money is in the Fire Department budget.   
Fire Department Administration Headquarters/ East Bank E.O.C : This is a new project.  The location will be 6640 Riverside Dr. It has not gone thru a design phase yet. An architect has not been chosen at present. However the intent is to consolidate all fire department administration personal, and Fire prevention and arson personal. The building will be elevated on concrete columns to facilitate parking underneath, as well as protect it from a flood event. It will also be self sustainable with a generator and water well. It will be designed to withstand 150 mile an hour sustained winds and will house Fire department administration personal up to a class 4 hurricane. It is also the intent to provide the Parish with a back up E.O.C. with communication equipment that could be used by Fire, Police and military in an emergency event. The estimated cost is 4 million dollars, and is in the Fire Department budget.