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Department of Inspection
and Code Enforcement

Building Regulatory Division

The Building Regulatory Division performs a wide range of inspection activity including building, electrical, plumbing gas and mechanical. This is to ensure the highest quality of construction and safety to building occupants.

Heed the Code:

Following the rules is easy once you know what they are. The same holds true for the Parish's Cod of Ordinances. Ordinances are rules we've all agreed to live by in Jefferson Parish. Basically, these rules help us to be good neighbors.
Did you know?

  • A licensed plumber is required to install a new hot water heater.
  • A building permit is required to erect or replace a carport, shed, or fence.
  • A licensed electrician is required to perform an electrical work.
  • A Jefferson Parish Home Builder's license is required to perform any work which value exceeds $2500.00. A homeowner is allowed to take out one permit every 12 months where the value of the work is over $2500.00.
  • A licensed mechanical contractor is required to instal or replace any air condition condenser.
  • You are allowed to hold two garage sales in one year and a permit is required.
  • A property survey is required to obtain most building permits.
  • No construction is allowed over or encroaching upon any servittude.
  • Commercial permits can be tracked on the internet at
  • To start a new business you can contact permits to obtain a new business start-up packet at 736-6957
Residential Permits:

For new single & two-family dwellings, two complete sets of plans prepared and stamped by a LA registered civil engineer or architect, plus a copy of the current survey of the lot, are required for the review.

Commercial Permits:

For all new buildings, additions, or change in occupancy use, the following are the minimum submittal requirements:

  •  Four complete sets of building plans (including all site/civil plans) prepared and stamped by a Louisiana registered civil engineer or architect.
  • Four separate sets of site/civil plans
  • Five copies of a current survey showing all improvements.

The plans submitted will be distributed to various Parish departments for review. For a more in depth break down of the process or other types of permits, contact teh Commercial Plan Review Section.

Drives and Parking:

Site plan Review is responsible for the review and approval of construction for parking areas, driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping for all commercial and multi-family developments in the Parish; and for reviewing Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) requirements as they relate to  parking, walks, drives, and site work. Additionally, Site Plan Review reviews plans for all proposed "Off-Site Improvements" for the Commercial Parkway Overlay Zone. (CPZ).

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. What is the purpose of Code Enforement? The department enforces Parish Ordinances by investigating complaints and where valid issues violations. The department also regulates building construction to ensure compliance mandated by the CABO Building Codes.
  2. What are the business hours? Both the Eastband and Westbank offices are open from 8am to 4pm Monday thru Friday.
  3. Where are the offices located? The Eastbank Office is located at 1221 Elmwood Park Boulevard in the Yenni Building, Jefferson, Louisiana. The Westbank Office is located at 400 Maple Avenue, Harvey, Louisiana.
  4. What type of information do you need to report a complaint? The proper informations is essential to the section investigating your complaint. You need to repor tthe exact address of your complaint and a brief description of the complaint.
  5. What happens to my complaint? The appropriated section will send an investigator to the site within 3 working days. If a violation exists, the investigator will issue a violation or take the appropriate action required by the section handling the complaint.


Building Problem:      Section to Call:

Vacant lot or house with               Weed Control
high grass, trash or debris             

Occupied house with                    Property Maintenance  
high grass, trash or debris             

Junk vehicles in rear yard             Property Maintenace
or side of house                           736-6961

Construction without permit         Building Section

Illegal sign in Right of way            Property Maintenance

Open or vacant house                  Dangerous Building Abatement

Commercial/Recreational              Property Maintenance
vehicle on street & in                    
front of house

Operating a vehicle repair              Zoning Section
or other business in a                     736-6961
residential area

House, fence or other                    Building Section
structure in disrepair                       736-6964

What is property zoned?             Plan Review Section


Eastbank Office
1221 Elmwood Park Boulevard
Jefferson, Louisiana 70123
Fax 736-8387

Director's Office                       Suite 205                     736-6950

Building Section                        Suite 101                     736-6964

Plan Review/Permits                 Suite 101                     736-6957

Site Plan Review                       Suite 101                     736-6957

Electrical Section                       Suite 101                     736-6935

Mechanical Section                    Suite 101                     736-6921    

Plumbing Section                       Suite 101                     736-6927

Zoning Section                           Suite 300                     736-6961     

Board of Standards & Appeals    Suite 335                     736-6976